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Video Transfers

Like film, chemicals in video tape break down with age. Important events should be digitised as soon as possible before they may be unplayable. We convert all consumer video formats and we can easily make DVDs for all the family. Mix film, video, slides and photographs on the same DVD to create a complete collection. If you have broken video tapes we have a great record of salvaging what was thought to be lost!

We transfer VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Video8, Hi8, Digital 8, DV, DVCam, PAL & NTSC.

CD & DVD Duplication

Bring It On Studios have been mastering CDs for record labels since 1999 and authoring commercial DVDs since 2002. We have a wealth of knowledge in disc formats. For duplication work we combine top brand media with the best duplication equipment and rigorous quality control. From just a few copies to many hundred, we have the flexibility to meet your requirements.

Vinyl Record Transfers

Many of our customers have rare and collectable records they want to keep pristine but would love to hear them once more. We have restored recordings from vinyl for record labels as well as many independent artists over the years. If you have impossible to replace recordings on vinyl we have the equipment to do them justice. You can be sure your records will be treated with proper care and captured with the best equipment. Record transfers are covered by our Lifetime Promise.

Audio Tape Transfers

We convert cassette tape and open reel 1/4 inch tape to CD and digital files. Chemicals in audio tape break down with age. Taped recordings are best converted before they may be unplayable. For impossible to replace classic recordings, family messages & recorded events we can help.

Tape transfers are covered by our Lifetime Promise.

Custom Audio & Video

Audio recording, editing, mixing and mastering, video editing, DVD authoring and interactive content. If you are in need of our studio expertise please get in touch, we'd love to help!

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In addition to film scanning we operate full video and audio studios,

including audio recording and mastering, video editing and CD and DVD duplication.