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We offer a national couriered service or personal drop off and collection at our studios in Birkenhead, Auckland, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. No appointment needed.

Scanning film for New Zealand families and media companies since 1999, our staff are highly experienced.


The Royal New Zealand Navy Museum chose Bring It On Studios to digitise their library of 16mm film and we've scanned film for the Auckland Museum, Maritime Museum, and for use on national television.

Cine Film To High Definition Digital File

Here at Film-Transfer we understand filmed memories are unique and precious, not only to you but for family generations; they're irreplaceable. Sadly, due to chemicals in their makeup, film products are breaking down with time.

But your stories need not be forgotten; today's high definition technology allows for films to be digitally restored to a format that will preserve them for all time. As a bonus, playing films from USB, AppleTV, or DVD is maybe less romantic but much less effort than setting up a projector and screen.

How Can We Help?

We aim to help our Customers achieve film transfers in the best possible way with each frame being digitally scanned then digitally restored. This digital version retains all the photographic properties of the original and in many cases is enhanced.


All our scans result in high quality HD master files for archival and future uses, an additional set of HD MP4 files optimised for use on smart TVs and other devices, and the option of DVD copies. We scan standard 8mm, super 8mm, and 16mm film types.

Experienced, Passionate Staff

Our work is entrenched in media technology.

Bring It On Studios master music CDs for record labels, author DVDs, create videos and record and mix audio for film, television, and radio.

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Bring your films to us for a no obligation appraisal and advice or call our friendly staff today.